ALADCO®  provides industrial engineering solutions and components such as PO check valves, grip-clamps, and custom products for your pneumatic needs! Innovation and proven performance are crucial in today’s competitive manufacturing market, and ALADCO® is dedicated to providing quality products that assist automation engineers. 

Reliable & Safe Valves

Aladco® has a proven commitment of manufacturing pilot operated pneumatic check valves that are built to last. These valves are specifically designed to maximize reliability and safety.  Aladco® incorporates varying designs and functions in each pneumatic check valve to meet a variety of application needs.


  • Single & Dual Pressure Versions
  • 3 Year Standard Warranty
  • Pressure and Vacuum Versions
  • Stainless Steel Versions Available


  • Cylinder Holding/Positioning
  • Cylinder Balancing
  • Leak Testing Systems
  • Vacuum Hold/Release Systems
  • Pressure Testing Systems 

Grip-Clamps ®

Aladco® offers a line of pneumatic Grip-Clamps® ideal for automotive, food and other industrial manufacturing requirements. Special heat-treated, alloy steel components offer superior wear and strength. Adjustable cushions provide smooth, long operation. Standard arms allow for a wide range of tooling clearances. We offer toggle lock and power lock clamps allowing greater flexibility to fit all your manufacturing needs.

Roller-Cam Clamps™

Aigep’s line of flow controls boasts unique versions not available in other leading manufacturer’s offerings.  These include inline threaded and unifit with female threaded port just to name a couple.  Most push-in versions are available in all brass, brass with poly collar, and poly body with brass threads.

High-Performance Pneumatic Check Valves

ALADCO® is a manufacturer of a variety of check valves designed for pneumatic applications and with both manual and pilot release capabilities. Their inventory of valves has varying specs and features to meet their system requirements. Flotronics is proud to carry the following ALADCO® products:

  • Nu Check®
  • Dual-Check®
  • Clean-Check
  • Air-Fuse™
  • Balance- Check™
  • Equa-Check™

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