Products, Components, & Accessories for Control, Safety, Sensing, and Motion Applications

Flotronics Automation carries and distributes a wide selection of components and accessories fit for various control, safety, sensing, and motion control applications. Our products, supplied by top manufacturers, are easy to install, durable, and reliable. From pneumatic valves to automation controls, and everything in between, Flotronics Automation has the right components for your system to become more efficient, productive, safe, and cost-effective. We’re here to meet all your industrial fluid power and automation needs!

Pneumatic Valves & Fieldbus

Flotronics’ selection of directional control pneumatic valves and Fieldbus solutions is supplied from trusted manufacturers like ASCO Numatics, Schmalz, Coilhose Pneumatics, and more. Our vast inventory or directional control valves, electronic proportional valve controls, and Fieldbus communication components allows us to accommodate any system requirements you may have such as flow rate or different protocol options.

Pneumatic & Electric Actuators

Whether your application requires higher force and speed per unit size or more precise position control, Flotronics has the pneumatic or electric actuator to suit your needs. Browse our inventory of high-quality and cost-efficient actuators, designed by industry-leading manufacturers, for the flexibility your application needs.

Pneumatic FRL & Accessories

Flotronics offers filter-regulator-lubricator (FRL) units and many other accessories for safer pneumatic air preparation system operation. The cost-effective combination of capabilities, including contaminant removal, outlet pressure control, and air line lubrication will improve your application efficiency upon installation.

Fittings & Tubing

Find exactly what you need in our inventory of pneumatic fittings and tubing components with various material compositions, maximum working pressure levels, flow rates, noise reduction capabilities, and more. The durable products we carry come from trusted manufacturers like Freelin Wade, Numatics, and TwinTec, and are designed to effectively deliver pressurized air to the components in your system.

Vacuum & End of Arm Tooling

Maximize your system efficiency with highly reliable vacuum and end of arm tooling components from leading manufacturers such as Numatics, Pisco, and Schmalz. Regardless of your pick and place, assembly, or packaging needs, the vacuum and EOAT products Flotronics Automation offers can significantly improve your throughput.

Motors, Drives, & Gearboxes

Flotronics Automation provides many linear and rotary motion solutions with our high-quality pneumatic motors, drives, and gearboxes from trusted manufacturers such as Tolomatic, Cone Drive, and Nexen. Whether you need specific individual components or are looking to take advantage of our all-in-one integrated units, we’ll help you achieve the ideal solution. 


For your industrial pneumatic application, Flotronics supplies cables, connectors, solenoid valve connectors, cordsets, distribution boxes, junction blocks, and many other accessories. Our inventory or reliable connectivity products can accommodate most any size, voltage, and other specification requirements.


Flotronics Automation offers many sensor product types with a variety of actuator styles, including pressure and flow sensors, factory automation sensors, and limit switches. We supply only the highest quality products from leading manufacturers like Numatics and Panasonic to ensure the safety and efficiency your machinery and systems.

Safety Components

Improving system and workplace safety through the use of our products is a priority of Flotronics Automation. We supply a broad selection of reliable and precise modular aluminum machine guarding options, light curtains, safety mats, door switches & interlocks, and more, to minimize unsafe situations. 

Structured Aluminum & Guarding

Modular aluminum profiles are some of the most flexible options when it comes to building machine frames, turnkey assembly lines, safety guards, and more. Flotronics Automation is proud to offer standard and custom assemblies from Modular Solutions to meet your specific project requirements. 


Through our partnership with Modular Solutions, Flotronics can deliver fully-customizable conveyor solutions with flexible chain, live roller, flat belt, and many other conveyor-top types. Any conveyor size, layout, speed, or staging requirements can be met thanks to the versatile, durable, and easy-to-assemble modular aluminum designs.


Enclosures are another safety product that uses Modular Solutions’ modular aluminum system, which can be custom configured to house any dangerous machine functions in your manufacturing system. These enclosure solutions can function specifically as control environments for applications where light, noise, or temperature control is needed.

Tables & Workbenches

Improve your personnel efficiency with ergonomic modular aluminum workstations, tables, and benches. Through our partnership with Modular Solutions, Flotronics Automation offers workstations to meet the configuration and layout needs of your specific production process with adaptability for future added accessories, ergonomic needs, and more. 

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