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Conveyor Solutions Built by Flotronics Automation

Moving products and materials from one station to the next requires a variety of conveyor solutions. The shape and weight of the product, as well as the speed and staging needs, are just a few variables that can determine what type of conveyor you need.

Fully Automated Conveyor Systems

Flotronics works with trusted manufacturers and partners, like Modular Solutions, to provide clients with turnkey and custom conveyor solutions to fit their exact specifications and needs. We offer many conveyor solutions including the traditional linear belt, roller, and timing belt conveyors. More specialized conveyors include Transfer Systems (TSG series), Segmented Chain (GKF series), Flexible Assembly Lines (FMS series), and complex Roller Conveyors Systems (RMS series). Our conveying solutions are built for manufacturing and assembly applications in a wide array of industries. The knowledgeable engineers at Modular Solutions can help you determine which product, design, and layout would be right for your conveying application based on your production goals.

Conveying Kits

We understand each person or business has different needs, which is why we offer a variety of automation solutions. We’re proud to offer fully assembled turnkey solutions, as well as conveyor kits that can be self-assembled at your facility. Flotronics Automation and our partners at Modular Solutions ensure each conveyor assembly kit, standard or custom, arrives at your door organized and ready to assemble. Your kit will be fully furnished with all parts and drawings for an easy and quick assembly.

Motorized Conveyor Modules

At Flotronics, we build a variety of mechanical conveyor systems to fit any industrial automation needs including conveyors by Dorner. If you’re looking for a more quiet and efficient conveyor, our motorized conveyor components are a great solution. Motorized drives can be configured to meet any speed or torque requirements. Flotronics Automation offers a variety of Dorner conveyor systems that can be used with servo, stepper, and inductive motors to meet your specific control requirements. Let our team know what your specifications are and we can build a custom motorized conveyor for you.

Safety Matters at Flotronics

It’s our goal to make your workplace safer with our intelligently built Flotronics Automation solutions. When we work with a client to design and build a conveyor system, we consider employee safety, efficiency, and ergonomics. We often assist in implementing individual safety system applications using the Modular Solutions profile system and other reliable automation components.


Depending on the product and your assembly process, your conveyor system could require sensors for safety and part or presence detection. Flotronics Automation offers many different styles of sensors for safety or detection. We can integrate any sensor into your conveyor system based on your specific needs.

Automation Components

Flotronics Automation has emerged as a prominent specialist in supplying automation components for industries worldwide. We are proud to say that leading engineers choose Flotronics Automation as a single source for quality fluid power, electric automation, and power transmission components including valve controls and pneumatic and electric stops for conveyor applications. We use components from trusted and reliable manufacturers like Aventics, IAI – Intelligent Actuator, Thomson, Tolomatic, and Pisco for your unique build.

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