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Modular Solutions Enclosures

Flotronics Automation, in partnership with Modular Solutions, is proud to provide high-quality, cost-effective enclosure solutions to contain and control hazards in your manufacturing environment. Keep your industrial environment safe for workers and equipment by controlling noise, debris, light, and other hazards with our easy-to-install enclosures. Our enclosures can also regulate airflow, temperature, and humidity to create a stable environment for your testing and manufacturing needs. We offer many standard enclosures but can provide a custom solution built to your precise specifications and needs.

Particle Control Enclosures

Contain dust, debris, fumes, and more with our diverse industrial particle enclosure options. Flotronics Automation provides enclosures that are suitable for tasks such as polishing, gluing, spraying, and welding. Our particle control enclosures are able to effectively contain dust, metal chips, liquid splatter, and more to protect the surrounding area and your equipment. Contact us for more information regarding customized solutions for your specific application needs.

Light-Tight Optical Enclosures

If you require an enclosure for tasks such as laser marking, welding, etching, or drilling, we can provide a light-tight solution fit to your precise specifications. We partner with Modular Solutions to offer customizable, flexible, and easy to assemble enclosures, which are built with their cost-effective modular aluminum extrusions. You can count on Modular Solutions’ light-tight enclosure assemblies to protect your sensitive equipment.

Automated Doors for Enclosures

Maintain complete control over your work environment with the right type of automated door for your enclosure assembly. We can help you find the precise size pocket, telescoping, bi-parting, or overhead doors for your specific application needs. In partnership with Modular Solutions, Flotronics Automation offers both vertical and horizontal door options that are able to be customized to your specifications.

Temperature Controlled Enclosures

Temperature controlled enclosures allow you to keep a constant temperature for any of your industrial needs. Maintain the temperature and humidity of your control room to ensure stable testing or storage conditions with Flotronics Automation’s wide range of enclosures. You can use our temperature or environment controlled enclosures for applications such as medical cabinets, electronics, and much more.

Sound Attenuating Enclosures

Flotronics Automation offers a variety of sound attenuating enclosure solutions for isolating, dampening, containing and absorbing sound for applications such as rock crushers or generators with high decibel ratings. We can effectively help you create the ideal sound attenuating control enclosure with our high-quality, cost-effective, and customizable solutions.

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