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Flotronics Safety Solutions

Flotronics Automation offers individual safety solutions for your workplace needs. We know how important it is to keep your personnel and equipment safe. We want to provide you with products that are reliable and proven in industrial applications. Flotronics Automation offers machine guarding, light curtains, RFID controls, shut off valves, perimeter guard systems, laser booths, safety mats, enclosures, and safety switches. Our installations can be designed to fit your unique specifications and can be quickly delivered and put into place to provide a cost-effective safety solution.

Machine Guarding

Keep your equipment protected and your work environment safe with our machine guarding solutions. Custom machine guarding can be quickly created to your specifications using our flexible modular aluminum extrusions, removable panels, and a variety of doors. We can help provide ways to improve the safety of your environment with quality solutions at a low cost. Flotronics Automation welcomes any questions regarding your custom machine guarding requirements.

Light Curtains

Safety light curtains are sensing devices that use one or more light beams to create an artificial barrier. Light curtains are ideal for protecting workers from dangerous machinery where physical barriers are not practical. When used with heavy machinery and powerful automated applications, a light curtain can provide more flexibility while still being able to detect and protect personnel and machinery. Light curtains are commonly used in machine guarding applications to detect a person’s finger, hand, limb, or their entire body. It’s our goal to provide you a reliable and safe control solution for your application.

Safety Mats & Pressure Sensors

Accidents in the workplace are easily avoided with help from pressure-sensitive safety mats. Safety mats are an effective and reliable solution to problems found in industrial environments wherever presence or absence detection is essential.  We distribute products from reliable suppliers with proven track records so you’ll never have to worry. Our safety mats are impact-resilient and highly sensitive to keep your employees safe at work. Installation is easy so you can decrease downtime and keep your processes moving smoothly.

Safety Control

Safety control valves and electronics help to ensure automatic release of pressure in the event your preset limits are exceeded, putting your employees or equipment in danger. Flotronics Automation is proud to distribute high-quality safety control valves and electronics from a variety of well-known manufacturers to help keep your work environment safe and efficient.

Safety Shut Offs & Lockouts

Flotronics Automation provides safety shut offs and lockouts from industry leading manufacturers like ASCO Numatics to ensure the safety of your employees. Control hazardous energy and pneumatic systems with reliable and tested safety shut offs and lockouts from Flotronics Automation.

Door Switches & Interlocks

Door switches and interlocks control area access, monitor machine guards, and detect unsafe conditions to isolate power. Our safety switches are designed to protect both personnel and machinery from hazards. Utilize door switches and interlocks from Flotronics Automation to maintain a safe and secure workspace.

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