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At Flotronics Automation, our goal is to serve the automation industry with great service and high-quality automation equipment. Our knowledgeable staff can assist in addressing issues with customer applications and suggest products that would be the best fit. We have carefully selected suppliers that offer industry-leading motion controls, panels, pneumatic brakes, end of arm tooling products, and more to help improve production efficiency and cycle times.

We provide only the highest quality, yet cost-effective, automation products and solutions to our clients to improve system productivity and cycle times. Our inventory includes products for motion controls, linear and rotary actuation, complex Fieldbus communications, proportional technology and more used in a variety of applications. These turnkey solutions will help increase your efficiency as soon as they are installed!

Motion Controls

Flotronics Automation proudly offers quality, cost-effective, and easy-to-integrate pneumatic components for your motion control needs. From stepper motors to poppet valves, products offered from top manufacturers such as Aventics and Tolomatic are used for a variety of industrial automation and motion control applications.

Fieldbus Technology

Flotronics offers the available current protocols with a large variety of capabilities and price points to fit your budget and application. Our components are the highest quality with most parts in stock. The modularity of the G3 & 580 systems from Aventics allows for near-infinite configurations to fit your needs. Some of the current, available protocols include Ethernet, Ethernet Powerlink, CanOpen, DeviceNet, DeviceLogix, IO Link, Profinet, and Profibus. Our expert sales team can assist you with finding the right protocol and topography for your application.

Proportional Technology

To better serve our customers, Flotronics has developed an expertise in proportional control systems and offers a high-performance pneumatic and motion control product line. The custom-developed products we offer, from such partners as Aventics, have led to the creation of significant innovations in pneumatic technology and provided unique solutions to customer applications and needs. 

Automated Robotic Components

From packaging and material handling to part validation and verification, an automated robot with quality components from Flotronics Automation can help increase efficiency in any system. The robotics components offered can be customized to meet your application needs. Flotronics Automation values products that provide extended and reliable service life. This ensures that customers achieve the most comprehensive automated robotic solution!

Pick & Place Applications

In material handling processes, a robotic pick and place or 3 axis application can provide efficient and automated solutions for your industrial needs. Pick and place robots can eliminate exhaustion of repetitive motion and can improve accuracy with the help of industry-leading components. The pick and place application system components offered include quality and durable vacuum components, grippers, sensors, and clamps.

Flotronics Automation offers a wide variety of electric and pneumatic components for pick and place applications.

Gantry Systems

The gantry and linear guide systems offered come from our trusted partners, Modular Solutions and IAI Intelligent Actuator. 

Using the flexible Modular Solutions modular aluminum profiles and extrusions, gantry systems can be customized to meet your every need and can be easily adjusted or reconfigured in the future. Whether a compact system, large system, or specific stroke levels are required, Modular Solutions has the skill set to customize a gantry system to meet the most demanding customers’ needs.

IAI Intelligent Actuator manufactures a series of cartesian gantries including a low-cost and compact version great for a number of applications.

In addition, Tolomatic offers custom 2 and 3 axis gantry and multi-axis soltuions featuring their products.  For more information, click below.

No matter which gantry solution you need, Flotronics Automation’s knowledgeable support team can work with you to help create your personal gantry solution.

Control Panels

Flotronics Automation offers a variety of control panel enclosures for applications such as packaging machines, processing plants, and power distribution boards. Choosing the right components from industry-leading manufacturers, you can ensure the reliable control of various parameters based on any system requirements and production goals.

These control panels are built by our Flo-Flex Systems division which has been creating control panels for over 35 years.

Pneumatic Brakes

High-quality pneumatic brakes are offered for applications where stopping or holding rotary motion is required. Pneumatic brakes from Tolomatic provide efficient safety solutions for any industrial needs. If there is a loss of air pressure in the system, the spring-applied brakes will use the stored energy to stop the moving system.  Pneumatic brakes are just one of the robust and reliable power transmission products from Tolomatic.

End of Arm Tooling

Flotronics Automation carries a variety of lightweight end of arm tooling for applications such as palletizing or material handling. Our trained associates can assist in finding the best robotic end of arm tooling components that works for your needs.

End-of-arm tooling can be equipped with different types of grippers from a wide range of reliable suppliers.  Some of these product types include vacuum grippers, pneumatic or electric grippers, air motors and more…

In addition, we can offer products and custom solutions from Modular Solutions.  Their lightweight aluminum profile opens uncountable options for end-of-arm tooling and other custom solutions.

Flotronics Automation strives to provide a more ergonomic and efficient solution for each and every one of its customers.  Feel free to contact us with your application or any questions you may have.

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