AMLOK, a division of Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., supplies industries with position holding, power-off rod locking devices. Their products were designed to attach directly to cylinders or actuators or to be used in stand-alone applications to meet your needs. Introduced in 1988, AMLOK products are renowned for their sturdiness, reliability, and wide range of options.

Universally Applicable – Made in the USA

AMLOK products are utilized in a variety of industrial operations, such as fixturing, hydraulic presses, automation equipment, and more. These pneumatic and hydraulic rod locks are built to hold the load even during power or pressure loss. Their wide range of universal applications, coupled with decades of proven testing, is why USA made AMLOK rod locks are so proudly utilized in facilities around the world.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Rod Locks

AMLOK rod locks are available for both pneumatic and hydraulic applications. These products offer reliable mechanical spring clamping, infinitely variable clamping for round shafts and rods, and double acting locking action for clamping in both directions. AMLOK rod lock products are also available in sealed versions for the food industry, wash-down, or even underwater applications. Flotronics is proud to carry a variety of AMLOK systems, including:

  • RLI Pneumatic Rod Lock – ISO 1552, 6431
    • This fourth-generation rod lock is profiled to match ISO 6431 cylinders and built to provide fast response time, extremely low backlash, power-off clamping, and is double acting.
  • RLN Pneumatic Rod Lock – NFPA
    • This rod lock design can be sealed for food or wash-down applications such as machine tool, scissor-lift tables, test and positioning equipment, and more.
  • RCH Hydraulic Rod Lock – NFPA
    • These rod locks/clamps are actuated by a spring/collet mechanism and unclamped by hydraulic pressure. These products are designed to clamp components after the motion has stopped and to hold the position securely.

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