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For over 20 years, Assured Automation has been providing state-of-the-art automation equipment to a wide range of manufacturers. Offering a variety of valves and flow components such as actuated ball valves and solenoid valves, Assured Automation is a leading producer of industrial process control application equipment.

Providing High-Quality Valves and Flow Components

Assured Automation’s product line consists of a complete offering of standardized automated valve assemblies with a variety of commonly used accessory items. The wide range of flow components serves a diverse clientele, including small equipment manufacturers and Fortune 500 Chemical and Pharmaceutical companies. Make the selection, estimation, and delivery of your actuated ball valves, solenoid valves, and more, easy with high-quality automated and flow components from Assured Automation.

The VA Series Valve

The VA Series combines a pneumatic actuator and fast on-off control valve into one body, eliminating packing glands, actuators and mounting kits. There are no exposed moving parts, eliminating pinch points and increasing operator safety. Since the actuator is part of the valve, costs are greatly reduced when compared to standard actuated valves. Operating life has been tested to well over 1,000,000 cycles, the balanced design reduces friction and wear. The stroke is linear and parallel to the flow, dramatically reducing the required force to close or open the valve. The internal waterway design was designed for optimum flow characteristics.

Other Automated & Manual Ball Valves

Assured Automation has a very versatile selection of ball valves.  From simple manual ball valves to custom actuated ball valve solutions, they have many ways to help you with your pneumatic or process application.

Butterfly, Globe, Plug & Gate Valves

Butterfly Valves

 A common valve type used in large-diameter pipes. They are typically used for basic on/off service, but can also be effectively used to throttle flow. They are operated with a simple 90-degree turn (quarter-turn) of a disc-shaped obstructor. This disc has a slim profile around which flow passes when parallel to flow but stops the flow in the when rotated 90 degrees to fill the entire opening of the valve.

Globe Valves

When precise control is needed, globe valves are the favorite in many industries. Globe valves use linear motion of a plunger that seats in a seat in a plane that divides the upper and lower half of the valve. In 2-way globe valves, the lower half is connected to the inlet port, and the upper half is connected to the outlet. On 3-way globe valves, there is a third port directly below the seat.

Plug Valves

Plug valves have a cylindrical “plug” with a passage through it when turned allows fluid to flow through it.  They are great for fluid shutoff applications and are often more economical than other types of valves.

Gate Valves

Gate valves are a common valve type used for basic on/off service. Manual Gate Valves are operated with a simple hand wheel that causes the stem and gate to rise. When closed, the gate seats against a seat ring, both of which have a special treatment to provide reliable shut-off.

Flow Meters

Flow meters come in many shapes and sizes and operate in many different ways.  We can offer you a comprehensive collection of meters to satisfy the majority of applications. From simple multi-jet residential water submeters to high-pressure industrial digital flow meters we offer meters in a range of materials, connection types, and sizes.

Custom Solutions for a Variety of Industries

In addition to standard automated valve assemblies, Assured Automation also offers complete custom valve automation services. Custom solutions can be created for your specified products or particular applications with help from a full range of CAD capabilities, including AutoCAD and Solidworks. No matter your needs, Assured Automation can provide a valve that will fit your unique application!

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