Aventics, an Emerson company, is a global-leader in manufacturing pneumatic components and systems including valves, cylinders, actuators, air preparation products, and related accessories. Flotronics Automation is proud to offer our customers Aventics products and tailored engineered solutions to fulfill needs in multiple sectors including factory automation, commercial vehicles, food and beverage packaging, railway technology, energy, and marine propulsion controls.

Industry-Leading Products & Services

Aventics is backed by 150+ years of specialized expertise, tracing their company history back to the advent of pneumatic engineering. This rich heritage is reflected in the superior craftsmanship of every component in their impressive catalog, as well as the intelligent design of their engineered solutions that empower the end user with the means to overcome unique challenges faced by their business.

Produced in the Present, Designed for the Future

Pneumatic solutions need to do more than solve today’s challenges – they also need to be prepared for those of the future. Aventics utilizes innovative materials and technology, alongside careful analysis of external trends such as urbanization, population, commodity scarcity, and environmental sustainability through an industry-focused lens. This translates to robust, proactively designed products that bolster the end application with improved overall efficiency and longevity – reducing the costs of maintenance and replacement.

Pneumatic Valves

Avenitcs is leading the way in efficient valves and valve systems for the most demanding automation tasks.  Their modular technology is adaptable to your changing business needs and increased performance requirements. Supported by a wide range of connectivity options as well as functional accessories, our portfolio offers the right solution to  automated applications in automotive, food and beverage, packaging and many other industries.

Pneumatic & Electric Actuators

Pneumatic cylinders, also known as pneumatic actuators or air cylinders, are designed to convert compressed air energy into a reciprocating linear motion in automated industrial applications. No matter how compact or demanding your application, AVENTICS pneumatic air cylinders and actuators will exceed your performance standards and stay within your footprint.

The AVENTICS electric rod-style actuators are the ideal solution to perform fast and powerful linear movements. They are very flexible, precise and energy efficient, improving sustainability and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The modular concept of the Series SPRA enables easy connection to your preferred motor and control system, saving you time and costs on design and programming. The Series SPRA is ISO 15552 compliant and uses high-grade materials – such as a IP54S sealing system, ensuring a high level of reliability even in harsh conditions.

Air Preparation

Untreated compressed air creates many problems in automated systems. Dirt, oil and other contaminants can disrupt sensitive applications and decrease the lifespan and effectiveness of automated equipment.

Aventics air preparation products make air quality standards a sure thing.  Air preparation units, filter, regulator and lubricator units (FRL), shut-off and lockout valves in addition to replacement filters help keep many industry applications running smoothly and safely.

Proportional Products

Aventics proportional valve technology quickly and accurately adjusts output pressure or flow in relation to variable operating conditions. Precise control of liquids and gasses enables optimisation of machinery and processes, increasing efficiency in terms of greater production throughput and reductions in raw material use and energy consumption. Replacing the need for multiple solenoid valves to support large pressure and flow turndowns reduces overall machinery footprint. The greater flexibility of system design and operation is complemented by Emerson’s global engineering services, which design and construct customised solutions to meet the exact requirements of unique machines.

Vacuum & End of Arm Tooling Products

Few automated processes require as much energy, sensitivity and versatility as vacuum-powered handling. Variations in force application, workpiece material, and shape require many configurations and adjustments.

Emerson vacuum and end of arm tooling products are up to the task.  Their ejectors, grippers and non-contact options work with the most delicate and difficult materials.  Aventics suction cups and suction pads are made from the most quality material to offer the best performance and longest life possible.

Fittings, Tubing, Flow Controls & Accessories

Aignep offers multiple types of quick couplings, available with simple or double interception, and in nickel-plated brass or stainless steel, in order to guarantee our customers solutions capable of meeting their different needs. All our products are lightweight and compact, and comply with the main reference standards.

Aignep also offers industrial-strength accessories such as miniature ball valves, blow guns, gauges, flow sensors and more…

Fluid Power

Aventics features an extensive offering of pneumatic components and systems that are well-suited for a variety of applications including industrial automation, commercial vehicles, food and beverage packaging, railway and marine technology, life sciences, energy, and more.

  • Pneumatic Accessories
  • Actuators & Positioners – Mobile/Oilfield
  • Air & Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Air Line Devices/FRLs
  • Pneumatic Automation Products
  • Pneumatic Directional Air Control Valves – Industrial
  • Directional Control Valves – Special Purpose
  • Electro-Pneumatic Devices
  • Fieldbus Connections 
  • Mobile Air Cylinders
  • Pressure Control Valves
  • Rail Hopper Car Valves & Cylinders
  • Sensor Technology
  • Air Preparation
  • Pneumatic Valves
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Actuators
  • Spare Parts
  • Pneumatic Manifold Systems
  • Industrial Shock-Absorbers

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