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Canfield Connector has been in business since 1977, providing a wide selection of quality electronic devices. Flotronics proudly supplies customers with Canfield Connector’s high-quality connectors and cylinder sensors. Canfield Connector is known for their high standards, meaning end users will receive a product quickly that meets specifications and incorporates electronics coupled with fluid power.

Dependable Proximity Sensors & Connectors for Over 35 Years

Canfield Connector’s cost-effective and quality products provide facilities using fluid power applications with dependable flow sensing solutions. Canfield Connector’s active passion for continuous improvement and ability to create custom products, like sensors and chord sets, for specific applications has allowed them to satisfy each and every customer’s specific needs for proximity sensors and connectors for over 35 years!


Canfield offers a wide variety of connectors including:

  • Solenoid valve (DIN) Connectors
  • GatorMate Deutsch Style Connectors,
  • M8 & M12 round Connectors and Cables
  • Custom Connectors
  • And more…

Cylinder Switches

The type of sensor that is best for a particular application depends on the operating parameters and cost-related issues. Canfield Connector is proud to offer the industry’s best value in Reed and Electronic Sensors. However, if our sensors are misapplied, they could fail prematurely. 

Reed Switch Sensors:

If initial cost and versatility are most important, then reed switch sensors should be considered. For example the 7000 Series Type 04 reed switch will operate from 5 to 240 volts AC or DC. Generally, one switch can be stocked to cover a large majority of common applications. Please note, reed sensors do to work well with inrush surge currents and transients (common to inductive & capacitive loads; i.e. relays, coils & long wire runs). If inrush surge currents and transients must be accommodated, switch Types 21 – 29 may be specified.

Electronic Sensors:

In general, if longevity is a major concern, electronic sensors should be used whenever they fit within the operating parameters specified for a given application. They should receive special attention when high cycle rates are required. If electronic sensors are used within their operating range they will always outperform and out last mechanical reed sensors. The initial added cost associated with a electronic sensor will be outweighed should the application require high cycle rates.


The Canfield Connector cylindrical threaded mount sensors are rugged and compact. Available in various sensing types, their sensors are great for sensing objects in industrial machinery and mobile equipment.  


  • Canfield offers a variety of timers, proportional drivers and electronic circuits including:
  • 5800 Series – Micro Logic Timer (MLT)
  • Sandwich CRT Series – Sandwich-Style Condensation Removal Timer
  • MBT Series – Multifunction Block Timer
  • TMLT Series – Micrologic Timer Module
  • D5400 Series – Micro Solenoid Driver (MSD)
  • 5950 Series – Micro Proportional Driver (MPD)
  • B5950Series – Block-Style Micro Proportional Driver

Drain Valves

Aignep offers multiple types of quick couplings, available with simple or double interception, and in nickel-plated brass or stainless steel, in order to guarantee our customers solutions capable of meeting their different needs. All our products are lightweight and compact, and comply with the main reference standards.

Aignep also offers industrial-strength accessories such as miniature ball valves, blow guns, gauges, flow sensors and more…

Custom Products

Canfield Connector specializes in the production of both male and female connectors used in industrial, and commercial machinery, and mobile applications. From standardized connections such as 8mm four-pin round connectors to special connectors used on cell towers, Flotronics Automation can help you with the custom connector for your demanding application. Many connectors are over-molded for environmental compliance and are practically indestructible having up to an IP67 rating for dust and water ingress. Only premium materials in contact and housings are used. 

Quality Cylinder Proximity Sensors

Canfield Connector’s wide variety of proximity sensors ensures the safety of pneumatic applicators, utilizing radar technology to detect potential hazards. Their vast inventory of proximity and magnetic sensors are offered in reed or electronic sensing versions to best meet your system’s needs. Canfield Connector’s connector products are available with grooves to fit all major brands of cylinders and actuators. Flotronics is proud to carry the following Canfield Connector proximity sensors and connectors: 

  • Tie Rod & Round Cylinder Proximity Sensors
    • High Current
    • High Current
    • 7GL – General Location
    • 7HL – Hazardous Location
    • 8000 – Low Current
    • 8D – Low Current
    • 8E – Low Current
    • 8WF – Weld Field Immune
  • Dovetail Groove Cylinder Proximity Sensors
  • Round Groove Cylinder Proximity Sensors
    • 9M50 – Norgren Grooves
    • U Groove Cylinder Proximity Sensors
    • T-Slot Groove Cylinder Proximity Sensors
    • Threaded Magnetic Sensors
    • DIN Connectors
    • Industrial Square Connectors
    • M12 Cables
    • D Chord Sets

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