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Enfield Technologies produces and provides Flotronics with high-performance components, including position controls, electric pressure regulators, and proportional valves for a wide range of pneumatic applications. Their innovative and industry leading products are backed by years of expertise in fluid power, electromechanical systems, and control electronics.

High Performance Pneumatic Components

Enfield Technologies® is renowned for their innovation in products that help solve problems within an application or facility. Their pneumatic components provide high performance, accurate, and efficient solutions for various position, pressure, and flow control applications.


Precision Pneumatic Cylinder Positioning

The S2 family of pneumatic cylinder positioning systems makes stopping an air cylinder at unlimited midstroke positions easy.

Combined with a regular air cylinder and position feedback, the S2 family delivers proportional position control at a fraction of the cost of electric actuators



High Performance

The ability to handle heavy loads while quickly and accurately following a changing input signal make the S2 an ideal choice for machine designers:

Simple & Retrofitable

The S2 takes advantage of the simplicity of pneumatics by providing and all-in-one package that can easily be retrofitted to add position control to new or existing applications.

Fast Speeds & Heavy Loads

Ideal for applications requiring high speed and high loads simultaneously. Speeds up to 2.0 m/sec are achievable while slowing the cylinder to a smooth controlled stop

Money Savings

As load increases, electric actuators require larger and larger motors to operate. This increases cost. In pneumatic positioning, an increase in force is handled by increasing cylinder size, the least expensive part to scale. This saves money.

High Performance Pressure Control

Enfield’s TR series of electro pneumatic regulators deliver market-leading pressure and vacuum control with unmatched speed and accuracy.  With pre-assembled starter kits, integration is easy. Remove the hassle of setup and wiring.


High Performance

When other pressure regulators are reaching the limit of their technical specifications, this is where the TR’s performance begins:

Extremely Fast

A shift time of less than 2.5ms delivers a near instantaneous pressure response, minimizing perceivable lag and making complex and multi-loop controls easy

Very Accurate

With an accuracy of (+/- 0.1%) the TR is able to outperform even high-performance regulators

Vacuum & Positive Pressure

Direct-acting voice coil technology combined with a pressure-balanced spool allows the TR to handle full vacuum through 145 psi in a single unit

Innovative Proportional Flow Control

The PFV series of 2/2 proportional solenoid valves simplifies design and construction of medical, life-science, semiconductor and other OEM equipment by providing superior performance and material compatibility.

PFV valves feature an isolated wetted path made of 300/400 series stainless steel, high resolution, individual calibration, consistent liftoff, and laser-marked traceability.


Superior Flow Control

The usability, compatibility and performance of the PFV series of 2/2 proportional solenoid valves make them an ideal choice for OEM equipment makers:

Liquids & Gases

The PFV features an isolated wetted path made of 300 and 400 series stainless steel and 4 seal options (including NSF certified for beverage dispensing). This means the PFV can flow not only air and water but also the most challenging media.

High Performance

Low hysteresis (+/- 5% of full current), high resolution (0.2% FS) and low power consumption (<2.1W nominal) come standard. Each valve is individually calibrated and then crimped to lock in a consistent liftoff current.

Easy to Integrate

Available both with and without onboard drive electronics (0…20mA, 0…10Vdc and 0…5Vdc), the PFV is ideal for users who have tight project deadlines, need to get to market quickly and require a plug-and-play device that can be up and running in a short amount of time.

Enfield Proportional Solutions

Enfield Technologies products provide precision control for many pneumatic actuators and applications.  Here are a few common applications for Enfield Technologies proportional products:

  • Cylinder Positioning
    • Precise & Rapid (but Gentile) Starting/Stopping
    • Cylinder Synchronization
    • Pick & Place Applications
    • Balancing
  • Precision Flow Control
    • Air Motors
  • Precision Valve Piloting
    • Pinch Valves
  • Testing
    • Fatigue Testing
  • Precise Pressure Control
    • Precise Air Pressure for:
      • Cylinders
      • Grippers
      • Presses
      • Packing Applications
    • Precise Water/Fluid Pressure for:
      • Spraying
      • Dispensing

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