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Need a custom pneumatic controls or air preparation solution?  Flo-Flex Systems can do it.  Flo-Flex Systems is a division of Flotronics Automation that has been helping customers with custom pneumatic design & build solutions for over 35 years.  Flo-Flex has knowledgeable staff and engineers who can review your application with you to help with issues and also offer suggestions for money or time-saving options.  Each assembly is quality tested before shipping and we offer a number of shipping options and services.

FRL Panels

Flo-Flex can build FRL solutions mounted and tagged on a variety of panel types.  Choose from a variety of panel plate types which can also be painted or powder-coated with specific colors.  Flo-Flex has created many FRL panels featuring the following products available from Flotronics Automation:

  • Drip Legs
  • Pneumatics Filters
  • Regulators
  • Lubricators
  • Lockout & Shut-Off Valves
  • Diverter Blocks
  • Pressure Sensors & Gauges
  • Quick Disconnects & Adapter Fittings

Air Logic

Air Logic circuits are still a viable and economical option for many situations.  Flo-Flex Systems has staff knowledgeable and experienced with air logic circuits and the best available pneumatic components on the market for your application.  Some common types of air logic systems are:

  • Two-Hand Safety Controls
  • Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator Circuits
  • Single Acting Pneumatic Actuator Circuits
  • Other Safety Circuits
Air Logic circuits often use body-ported air pilot valves, shuttle valves, push-in fittings, adapter fittings, and flexible polyurethane tubing.  Click on the following to see some of the available components you can choose from.

Valve Boards

Pneumatic controls are an essential part of fluid power automation.  Directional control valves are available in compact multi-station manifold assemblies to save space.  They are often mounted on plates and labeled with tags for assembly and future maintenance purposes.  These valve packs mounted on plates are often called “Valve Boards” and are usually mounted to the wall of a robotic cell.  Flo-Flex Systems has knowledgeable staff who can read pneumatic circuit drawings and B.O.M.s. We can create the tailor-made valve board you need for your application.  In addition, Flotronics Automation has a wide variety of pneumatic valve systems to choose from.

Pneumatic Control & FRL Enclosures

Pneumatic controls and air preparation components can be placed inside enclosures or “boxes” to help protect them, keep them clean, and keep employees from tampering with them.  These enclosures can consist of anything from directional control valves to timing circuits and can also include panel mount indicators, gauges, pushbutton valves and selector switches.  These enclosures often use miniature components to save space and air logic to perform certain functions.  The following are some of the available miniature and air logic components available from Flotronics Automation.

Fitting & Robotic Dressing Kits

Bill of materials for automation applications can often be quite lengthy and without the proper fittings, hose, tubing, and connections the controls will not function correctly.  Because of this, we offer fitting and dressing kits that keep the air connection components organized and ready for use.  Kits come with the proper fittings and also with pre-cut or predetermined lengths of hose or tubing.  This saves time and makes the task of assembly much easier.

Custom is What We Do

Flo-Flex Systems has been creating custom pneumatic control and FRL assemblies for over 30 years.  Let us put our product knowledge and experience to work for you.   Contact us if you need help with on of the following solutions:

  • FRL Panels
  • Air Logic
  • Pneumatic Circuits
  • Valve Boards
  • Pneumatic Control Enclosures
  • Pneumatic Pressure Booster Tanks
  • Lockout Valve Stands
  • Fitting/Robotic Dressing Kits

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