BTM has been designing and building machines for the fabrication and assembly of sheet metal and plastic products since 1966. Innovative and high-value solutions for your clinching, post-piercing, and power clamping needs can be found in the BTM wide line of products.

Sheet Metal & Fabrication Automation Solutions

BTM provides automation solutions, such as power clamps, to manufacturers in need of sheet metal joining and fabricating, clinching, and more. They are always improving products and processes and as a result, have become a leading supplier of automation equipment and solutions.

Power Clamps & Grippers

BTM designs and manufactures pin clamps, power clamps, and grippers for small businesses and global corporations.

Flotronics Automation and BTM provide customers with industry-leading engineering and support to ensure your application requirements are achieved. BTM work holding equipment is designed, manufactured, and serviced from Marysville, MI where their vertically integrated, flexible manufacturing operations deliver standard and custom equipment in world-class delivery times.

Air/Oil Cylinders

BTM Air Over Oil Cylinders generate a pneumatic-hydraulic power stroke using only compressed air. The power stroke can initiated by distance, time delay, or part contact (opposing force), based on the preference of the user. Each cylinder is self-contained and constructed using a “modular sandwich design” joined together with either four or eight tie-rods, the number of which depends on the model. 

BTM cylinders are designed to operate with compressed air ranging from 30 to 100 PSI (approximately 2 to 7 bar) maximum. The output forces in the power stroke range from 670 lb. to 142,900 lb, (1.5 kN to 1750 kN) depending on the model.

Clinching Tooling & Components

BTM full line of clinching equipment, industry-leading tooling, and customer support make BTM the preferred source for clinching solutions. Flotronics Automation and BTM work with each customer to provide clinching equipment that delivers optimal clinch joints, achieves high performance, and is right for your budget.

BTM clinching equipment is in operation with leading companies across the global sheet metal industry.

Presses & Tools

BTM offers press equipment for manufacturers, machine builders, and systems integrators. These products include standard, modular, and custom-engineered pneumatic, air-over-oil, hydraulic, servo-electric presses, press components & press units, robot-mounted presses, integrated tooling solutions, and advanced process monitoring.

Serving a Wide Range of Applications

Flotronics is proud to promote BTM high-quality products for use in a wide range of applications. Find unique power clamp products when you browse their inventory, which includes solutions for:

  • OMNI
  • PC Series
  • TPCA Series
  • TPC-32
  • Hook Clamps
  • Sealed Offset
  • Rotary-Linear
  • Retracting
  • Pin Clamps

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