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Founded in Shimizu, Japan in 1976, Intelligent Actuator Incorporated (IAI) has over forty years of experience in the design and manufacture of customized medical and industrial robotics. Built on “Quality and Innovation,” IAI is a leader in the research and development of advanced energy-efficient and affordable electric actuators. From entry-level to high-speed models, IAI provides complete programmable systems and components to fulfill any and all of your medical testing and industrial production needs.

Electric Actuators

ELECYLINDER (Electric Cylinder), IAI’s simple electric linear actuator series can be operated only by ON/OFF signal like solenoid valve. It’s easy to operate for beginners of electric actuators too.

You can adjust AVD (A=Acceleration, V=Velocity, D=Deceleration) individually by input percentage. It can start/stop at high speed smoothly. Cycle-time and trouble recovery time will be reduced.

IAI also offers a wide variety of other electric actuators in several functions and body styles.

Cartesian Gantries

Cartesian gantries can be adapted very well to the respective application conditions due to their modularity. They require much less space than, for example, articulated robots because they only have the functions that are actually needed.

Fltronics Automation offers IAI cartesian gantries as 2-6 axis combinations with servo motors as standard or high-precision types. An equally extensive portfolio is also available of lower-cost cartesian RoboCylinders with stepper motors.


IAI unit-connecting controllers allow you to freely select and combine connected actuators and control methods. Unit-connecting controllers support a wide array of combinations. This allows for mixed control of actuators with both a 24V motor and 200V motor.  You can use the same driver units if you want to switch the master unit based on the control method.

Elecylinder Applications

The IAI Elecylinder is available in different versions like rodded, rodless, compact guided and rotary.  These are some examples of applications these Elecylinders can be used in.  Please contact us for more information:

  • Pallet Stop
  • Press Equipment
  • Printing Equipment
  • Conveyor Transfer Equipment
  • Door Opening Devices
  • Dispensing Equipment
  • Test & Inspection Equipment
  • Feeding Devices
  • Cutting Devices
  • Positioning Devices
  • Deburring Devices
  • Extruding Equipment

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