Established in 1999, ILME UK Limited is an England-based supplier of industrial multipole connectors and plug and socket outlets. ILME’s products are innovative, reliable, and are renowned for their excellent price-quality ratio. Flotronics supplies its customers in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region with ILME’s advanced technical solutions, which guarantee safety, reliability, and economy.

Connectors, Plugs, & Sockets

ILME connectors and plug and socket outlets provide electrotechnical solutions for manufacturing equipment for industrial installations. Their connectors require no special wire preparation, allow for rigid or flexible wires, and are designed to function in extremely harsh environments while having a resistance to strong vibrations. ILME connectors have spring connection contacts with the actuator button, saving you both time and space. When the actuator button is pressed, it triggers the closure of the spring device of the corresponding terminal. This connects the conductor to its respective electric contact in the connector safely and reliably. Additionally, ILME plugs and sockets offer a high degree of protection, are designed with robust insulating enclosures, and will perform with exceptional reliability.

Supplying Reliable Products for Over 120 Years

If you’re in need of a durable and high-performance connectivity solution, ILME’s catalog of products will undoubtedly have the right solution to meet your needs. ILME products are highly regarded for their dependability and compatible nature. Flotronics carries the following ILME products for your benefit:

Industrial Rectangular Multipole Connectors to EN 61984

  • Up to 5000V AC/DC
  • Up to 200A AC/DC
  • 3 to 216 ways
  • IP44, IP65/66 and IP68
  • EMC, Harsh Environments and High Temperature
  • Industrial Plugs & Sockets to EN 60309-1 & EN 60309-2

    • Up to 500V AC
    • Up to 125A AC
    • IP44, IP55, IP66 and IP67
    • Light and Heavy industrial

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