Mem-Co is the premier designer and manufacturer of high-quality, miniature barbed air and fluid fittings for plastic tubing. Mem-Co fittings feature flawless silver solder joints (compliant with FDA, NSF, and medical grades Class VT lead-free cadmium-free solder) and are all 100% inspected before distribution. If you’re looking to reduce cost, save space, and cut assembly time, then Mem-Co fittings are the solution to help you do it! Flotronics Automation carries Mem-Co fittings, manifolds, and orifices for your fluid automation needs.

Miniature Air & Fluid Fittings

Mem-Co fittings come in brass, stainless steel, electroless nickel-plated, aluminum, and plastic. With over 750 possible configurations, Mem-Co products are highly versatile and can be used in industrial applications such as production machinery, medical equipment, conveyor systems, pneumatic gauges, and cooling & lubricant systems, or for more everyday uses like automotive and recreational hobbies such as paintball. Mem-Co products are highly durable and their reliability is unparalleled.

Our Vast Product Inventory

Mem-Co makes thousands of fittings in sizes and configurations including hard-to-find items like these below, which Flotronics Automation carries:

Provide three barbed branches with male or female pipe thread. Mixed sizes of barbed branches available.

Combine an elbow with a tee. Mixed sizes of barbed branches are available.

Available in branch sizes up to and including # 3 for 1/16” ID through 1/8” ID tubing. Can be rotated 360o in either direction.

Provide a handy alternative to standard tees.

Hundreds of combinations for the OEM needing a fitting that requires a minimum labor to install.

A combination of barbed branches neatly orients tubing in-line.

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