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Modular Solutions is focused on providing customers with pre-engineered guarding solutions along with the flexibility and versatility to provide an engineered customized solutions. We use proven techniques from throughout the industry, to bring you the most comprehensive offering on the market for your Modular Guarding Requirements.

We also offer cost and time-saving products such as our quick pipe for compressed air systems and customizable and cost-effective lean tube for carts, stands, shelves and more.

Structured Aluminum

  • Industry Standard T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion
  • Speedlock – Hidden Profile Fastener
  • Bulk Aluminum Available
  • Standard Aluminum Extrusion Made in the U.S.A.
  • Custom Colors/Powder Coating Available
  • Order Online


No matter what your guarding needs are Modular Solutions can help you.  We have the resources and know-how to facilitate your custom project.

Modular Solutions has easy-to-configure guard sections with free CAD downloads.  They also have engineers available to help you.  Just send your drawings and they’ll send you a quote or contact you to discuss your project.


Whether you need a simple gravity conveyor or a fully automated conveyor package, Modular Solutions can help you with your conveyor solution.  The following are just a few of the conveyor types they offer:

  • Belt & Timing Belt
  • Gravity & Ball Transfer
  • Heavy Duty & Chip
  • Chain


Modular Solutions has created a variety of enclosures for specific situations.  Their knowledgeable staff can help you create enclosures for the following applications:

  • Welding & Laser Marking
  • Testing
  • Sound Control & Noise Protection
  • Equipment Protection
  • Light


Stairs & Mezzanines

Modular Solutions can create you a custom stair or mezzanine solution that is easier to assemble and customize than steel versions.  Their stairs and mezzanines do not rust or corrode over time.  They work well in both indoor and outdoor settings:

  • Cross Over Stairs
  • Platform Stairs
  • Stair Carts
  • Mezzanines

Lean Tube

Modular Solutions D28 Lean Series Aluminum Profile is great for light to medium-duty applications.  Its lightweight yet sturdy composition makes it a great fit for custom applications.  It features a standard, heavy, and smooth side profile in addition to a number of connectors including a cross-series connector which allows you to use it with the 45 or 30 Series.  In addition, it offers a wide variety of components like roller tracks, label plates, and rotary joints.  It works great for the following applications:

  • Flow Racks
  • Carts
  • Gravity Conveyors
  • Work Stations
  • Tables

Linear Systems

From simple bearing guides to fully automated conveyors we have a wide variety of linear systems solutions to offer:

  • Conveyors
  • Automated Lifts & Guides
  • Festooning Cable Carriers
  • Custom Bearing Slides
  • Linear Bearing & Rail Systems
  • Tool Slides

Stands & Fixtures

Modular Solutions has helped many with their custom stand, fixture and rack solutions.  Their versatile profile systems allow us to meet the needs of our customers no matter what the situation:

  • Custom Stands
  • Custom Fixtures
  • Custom Racks
  • AV Stands
  • Fishtank Stands


Modular Solutions can create your custom door solution.  They have created various solutions from simple slide doors to fully automated door packages.  Here are a few examples of door solutions they could create for you:

  • Counterweight Vertical Lift Doors
  • Pneumatically Actuated Doors
  • Strip Curtain Doors
  • Horizontal Slide Doors
  • Horizontal Folding Doors
  • Swing Doors

Work Benches

Workbenches and workstations are the center point of where safety and productivity come from.  They elevate the work area making it easier to work on projects while keeping items cleaner and more organized.  Customized workstations allow workers to make quicker progress on projects while helping to prevent bodily injury:

  • Work Benches
  • Work Stations
  • Assembly Stations
  • Ergonomic Lift Tables


Material handling is sometimes easier said than done, especially when you have large, heavy or odd-shaped items or materials to work with.  Without the right equipment, there is a greater chance of injury or damage to the materials.  Modular Solutions can help you create your custom cart solution to help prevent injury and damage as well as help increase productivity.:

  • Utility Carts
  • Battery Carts
  • Lift Carts
  • Flow Carts
  • Box Carts
  • Floor Dollies

Modular Pipe

Modular Solutions’ modular pipe is less expensive and easier to install than traditional black pipe.  It is lightweight and has easy mounting features, making it ideal for ceiling systems and air tool supply lines.  Check out all the benefits you receive when you use Modular Solutions Mod-Pipe.

Custom Solutions for Specific Needs

Because of Modular Solutions’ modular T-Slot profile systems and their knowledgeable staff and engineers, they can create specific tailor-made solutions for each customer’s situation.  Here are a few other examples of custom solutions we can create for you:

  • Bins for Bulky Material
  • Cabinets
  • Cases
  • Chutes
  • Machine Hoods & Covers
  • Displays
  • Inspection Drawers
  • Gantries
  • Light Diffusers
  • Misc. Frames
  • Podiums
  • Drip Legs
  • Shelving
  • Shrouds
  • Signs
  • Sneeze Guards
  • Tool Balancers & Tool Holders
  • Weld Curtains

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