Nexen provides automation products such as precision linear motion and rotary motion technology as well as products for power transmission and tension control systems for the aerospace, robotics, medical, machine tool, automotive, factory automation, and packaging and material handling industries. As a leading manufacturer of precision motion control components and power transmission and web tension control products, Nexen remains at the forefront of cutting edge engineering and production excellence.

Precision Linear and Rotary Motion Technology Providing Automation to Industries Where Applications Improve Lives

Nexen’s production capabilities include computerized control and testing systems, dry cutting applications, special coating processes, automated assembly, and over 80 multi-axis precision CNC machine tools. Committed to continual improvement processes, the company’s quality management system meets the rigorous standards required to stand out from the competition. Nexen works in accordance with the tenants of these internationally recognized groups – CE, REACH and RoHS. Their products touch industries where applications improve lives, maximize equipment performance, improve efficiency, minimize waste, reduce costs, and enhance the environment. Flotronics is proud to utilize them as a trusted manufacturer.

Rod Locks

Nexen’s Static Rod Locks deliver precision holding with virtually no backlash, providing high accuracy in demanding applications. These spring-engaged, air-released units come in both ISO and NFPA sizes and will accept standard accessories.

  • Precision operation maintains accurate positioning
  • Large clamping surface ensures consistent performance
  • Spring-engaged units engage in power-off situations 
  • Sealed to withstand harsh environments
  • Manual release

Nexen’s linear holding/locking devices take rod-locking technology to the next level. With superior performance, these spring-engaged, air-released units supplement air cylinders and guide rods for holding in power-off/e-stop situations. The Rod Lock’s large clamping surface ensures high clamping/holding force, and Nexen offers models for use on a pneumatic cylinder or as a stand-alone unit on a guide rod. 

Clutches & Brakes

Nexen products provide torque in clutches, brakes, torque limiters, and coupling products. The power transmission product line includes a variety of designs that interface with imperial and metric components. Nexen units fit industry-standard motors, gear reducers, pulleys, sprockets, shafts and couplings. All products are well-engineered and ruggedly built to the highest standards.

  • Friction Clutches
  • Tooth Clutches
  • Ball Screw Brakes
  • Shaft Brakes
  • Servomotor Brakes
  • Rotary Brakes
  • Industrial Drum Brakes
  • Industrial Caliper Brakes
  • Friction Clutch Brakes

Ring Drives

Based on Nexen’s innovative Roller Pinion technology, the patented Rotary Indexer Systems come complete with a precision-grade bearing and drive mechanism. 

Packaged in a rigid housing, Nexen’s Rotary Indexer System delivers exceptional accuracy, fast acceleration, high speed and load capacity, and can be engineered to meet the application requirements.

Nexen’s Rotary Indexer Systems can start and stop at any incremental position. Also, users can change the motion profile by simply loading a new servo drive program. Unlike traditional cam-driven systems, Nexen’s Rotary Indexers can handle peak torque inputs at any time, allowing for up to 2x faster indexing times.

Custom Solution Capabilities

Nexen’s Custom Product Team can easily help translate your special application requirements creating options and product variations to fit your unique machine design. Our team consists of application and technical personnel, as well as design and manufacturing engineers who have experience working with original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and end user markets for over 35 years.

Examples of Nexen’s custom solution capabilities include:

  • Special coatings, plating, painting
  • Material changes, stainless steel, etc.
  • Tooth clutch positioning options
  • Friction material variations
  • Custom sprocket, pulley or sheave configurations
  • English to metric component coupling
  • Dimensional changes
  • Bore and keyway modifications

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