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(Bosch) Rexroth Pneuamtics was purchased by Aventics (a worldwide leader in fluid power automation) a number of years ago.  Many of the Rexroth Fluid Power product lines are still available but now under the Aventics brand name.

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Rexroth Pneumatics (Now Aventics)

  • Directional Controls Valves & Fieldbus Electronics
  • Air Preparation
  • Pneumatic Cylinders & Actuators
  • Vacuum & End of Arm Components
  • Sensors & Gauges
  • Fittings, Tubing, Flow Controls & Accessories

Same Great Products Now Under Aventics

The following are some of the trusted Rexroth Pneumatics lines now under the Aventics name:

  • RTC Series Rodless Cylinders
  • TaskMaster® Pneumatic Cylinders
  • TRB & PRA Series ISO 15552 Cylinders
  • CCI & KHZ Series Compact Cylinders
  • MSC Series Mini Slides
  • RAP & RCM Series Rotary Actuators
  • Vacuum Products
  • NCT Series Non-contact Transport Units
  • GPC Series Precision Guide Cylinders
  • AV Series Valve Systems
  • HF Series Valve Systems
  • AP Series Directional Mechanical Valves
  • CL03 Series Valves
  • TC Series Valves
  • Ceram Series Valves
  • AES Fieldbus Modules
  • ST Series Valves
  • Series 490/579/589 Series Valves
  • ED Series Valves & Regulators
  • EV Series Proportional Control Valves & Pressure Regulators
  • 602 Series Proportional Valves
  • DO/DP Series Valves
  • IS12-PD Series Valves
  • S Series Relay Valves
  • AS Series Air Preparation
  • PR1 Precision Pressure Regulators
  • CD Series Valves
  • 740 Series Valves
  • 581 Series Valves

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