Each Rollon product has been designed to meet the exact requirements of the end application. Light weight, load capacity, self-alignment, corrosion resistance, speed, and precision: each industry has specific requirements carefully considered by Rollon’s R&D department in order to provide custom solutions.

Telescoping Guides

Rollon’s selection of telescopic slide rails is guaranteed to support your linear load.

Telescopic slides are linear guides with precision ball or rollers. These load extractors are complete with hardened raceways, high load capacities, and low bending. Rollon telescoping linear rails are also resistant to shocks and vibrations, ideal for even the toughest loads.

Linear Rail

No matter what your guarding needs are Modular Solutions can help you.  Every guarding project is important and they have the resources and know-how to facilitate your custom project.

Modular Solutions has easy to configure guard sections with free CAD downloads.  They also have engineers available to help you.  Just send your drawings and they’ll send you a quote or contact you to discuss your project.

Electric Actuators

Whether you need a simple gravity conveyor or a fully automated conveyor package, Modular Solutions can help you with your conveyor solution.  The following are just a few of the conveyor types they offer:

  • Belt & Timing Belt
  • Gravity & Ball Transfer
  • Heavy Duty & Chip
  • Chain

Actuator System Line

Robots continue to move beyond traditional manufacturing into handling technologies, logistics and packaging areas, cutting machines, laboratories, workshops, and small production environments.

New sectors of the economy, including small and medium size enterprises are embracing automation and new customer segments (including healthcare, fast moving consumer goods, retail, constructions) are accelerating. Our systems for handling robots or heavy loads increase efficiency, capacity and coverage and enables continuous operations.

Other Rollon Products

Rollon aims to become the world’s leading linear motion provider for customized product solutions and digital services, while staying committed to an approach that is innovative and sustainable.

Wherever the application revolves around motion, Rollon creates solutions. Rollon technology for guides, drives and systems have served a wide variety of applications and sectors worldwide for over 40 years, positioning us as a leader in these markets.

The following series of Rollon products are available from Flotronics Automation:

  • Compact Rail & Compact Rail Plus
  • MiniRoller Rail
  • X-Rail
  • Easyslide
  • Curvline
  • O-Rail
  • Prismatic Rail
  • Speedy Rail
  • Mono Rail
  • Telescopic Rail
  • Hegra Rail
  • Telerace
  • Light Rail
  • Plus System
  • Clean Room System
  • Smart System
  • Eco System
  • Uniline System
  • Precision System
  • Tecline
  • Modline
  • Telescopic System
  • Speedy Rail A
  • Robot Transfer Unit
  • XYZ Gantry
  • YZ Portal

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