Schmalz is an industry leader in vacuum automation technology, which carries a wide range of quality products for any industrial need. Headquartered in Germany, Schmalz provides vacuum components for automation, crane systems, and clamping technology for wood and metal processing.

Globally Recognized Products

Schmalz is renowned for their award-winning vacuum technology, extraordinary solutions, and sustainability. They pride themselves on their expertise and flexibility, providing highly efficient solutions for their customers’ needs. Their cutting-edge technology is also tailored to maximize efficiency and productivity in any industrial setting.

Vacuum Cups

Schmalz’s product range includes a variety of suction cups with various shapes, sizes and materials, providing the right suction cup for every application. Suction cups consist of an elastomer part and a connection nipple.

Vacuum Generators & Pumps

Vacuum generators provide the required vacuum. The vacuum is generated either pneumatically (ejectors) or electrically (pumps, blowers).

Vacuum Grippers

Schmalz’s complex vacuum gripping systems let you implement decisive productivity increases during automated processes. The systems range from layer and vacuum area gripping systems to ready-to-install vacuum suction spiders for use in all areas of automation.

Vacuum Lifting Systems

Ergonomics and health protection are key issues for companies. Vacuum lifters and crane systems from Schmalz help to make all processes in which goods have to be picked up and moved as health-friendly, health protective and efficient as possible.
In both internal material flow and shipping logistics, goods are moved with high frequency and speed. Manual lifting and transferring activities are extremely stressful for the musculoskeletal system of the employees and hold a high potential for accidents and injuries.

Vacuum lifters from Schmalz are intuitive to operate and versatile. The portfolio includes vacuum tube lifters for dynamic transfer of goods with high cycle frequency and chain hoist-based vacuum lifting devices for particularly heavy loads. Rope balancers are ideal aids for sensitive, precise positioning of loads. As a supplement to the lifting devices, Schmalz offers an extensive range of responsive, hand-operated cranes. They can be flexibly integrated into any infrastructure.

Vacuum Clamps

When separating small electronic components in a CNC machining center, the components have to be clamped using a vacuum such that they do not become damaged or distorted. The matrix-plate in combination with a steel plate and a special film is suitable for this.

The application shows a Matrix-Plate in combination with a Steel-Plate and a special foil in use on a CNC machining center. Aim of the process is the separation respectively, the processing of small electronic parts. With the use of vacuum, these sensitive parts can be hold with no damage and deformation. Damages, which can occur due to vibrations during the process, can be avoided by the areal clamping force. The vacuum is generated by the powerful vacuum unit from Schmalz. The vacuum generator is the ideal product for the application on a CNC machining center due to a broad power spectrum, standard vacuum and level monitoring, acoustic and optical warning device as well as an excellent fluid compatibility.

End of Arm Tooling

Flotronics Automation has been offering automation solutions since 1986. In addition to Schmalz we also offer t-slot aluminum extrusion, tubing, fittings and other products for your vacuum or end of arm tooling. Our knowledgeable sales staff and engineers can help use our experience and wide product range to help you with your end-of-arm tooling solution.

Versatile Vacuum Technology

Schmalz manufactures highly efficient vacuum cups, pumps, and ejectors that can be precisely customized for their specific applications. Flotronics is proud to carry a wide variety of Schmalz products to provide our customers with quality solutions for their automation system needs.

Each suction cup comes with an elastomer part and connection nipple. Suction cups are available for handling sheet metal, wood, packaging, plastic films and papers, glass, high-temperature applications, composites, and more.

Generator products can be enabled pneumatically or electrically. These components are lightweight and compact for implementing short cycle times and direct system integration. Components include ejectors, terminals, and complete vacuum units. 

Mounting possibilities are endless for integrating suction pads or special grippers into a vacuum system. Mounting components include jointed mountings, spring plungers, suspension rigid/flexible set, suspension fixable FST-C, holders for suction cups and spring plungers, and aluminum sections and connectors. 

Gripping systems such as area gripping and end effectors can be attached directly to your robot. These systems work particularly well in the packaging industry. Systems are available for automated palletizing, commissioning, and sorting, as well as for packaging, pick and place, and woodworking applications.

These special grippers can be used for applications in which regular suction pads cannot generate a vacuum. Magnetic grippers are available for handling of ferromagnetic workpieces. Needle grippers are for gripping through insertion of needles for handling workpieces that are especially difficult to pick up via suction. 

Schmalz offers vacuum and pressure sensors, mechanic vacuum switches, electronic vacuum pressure switches, measuring and control devices, warning devices, and connectors and adapters for vacuum switches for monitoring your vacuum system.

Valves and compressed air are used to control the vacuum. The right valve components can increase the process reliability and the cost-effectiveness of the system. Components available include solenoid valves, check valves and flow restrictors, touch valves, non-return valves, and manually actuated valves. 

Pumps are available for a very high level of vacuum and low flow rate for packaging machines, manual handling steam, or for central vacuum generation in gantry style systems. Vacuum blowers are for high flow rate and low vacuum levels for handling of porous workpieces like cardboard boxes, insulation materials, particle board, or sacks. 

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