Power quality problems can disrupt production, damage equipment and corrupt valuable data. SolaHD total power quality solutions keep production lines moving while keeping people, equipment and information safe. Prevent the costly effects of poor power quality with  our comprehensive line of products that convert, protect and back up power throughout production facilities. If it needs power, it needs SolaHD.

Power Supplies

SolaHD brand products by Emerson have been exclusively focused on providing total power quality throughout manufacturing facilities since 1915. During this time, production equipment and efficiencies have evolved beyond what was once thought possible; however, their commitment has remained the same. From service entrance to point-of-use, our SolaHD products are there to optimize production performance. We have stayed at the forefront of production technologies with power solutions designed exclusively for modern manufacturing’s sensitive computerized equipment, such as networks, sensors, PLCs and safety equipment. Our broad line of DIN rail power products save space and provide flexibility for modifications in the field or reconfigurations and faster installations.

Other SolaHD Products

Only Emerson delivers industrial power solutions with a comprehensive, four-staged approach that includes protection and conditioning, back-up power supply and conversion, voltage regulation and knowledgeable service and support.

Power Supplies provide clean and consistent power and safeguard equipment from power anomalies such as fluctuations. They can also offer power conditioning benefits by filtering noise, harmonics and dangerous frequency variations. Control Transformers convert the available voltage to accommodate electrical circuit or equipment requirements.

Surge Protection Devices and Power Conditioners insulate equipment from the transient noise, voltage surges, harmonics and changing voltage conditions that cause 95% of all power quality issues. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Uninterruptible Power Supplies assure continuous operation and/or data protection during power interruption.

SolaHD offers a broad range of transformers to meet many applications. These dry-type transformers are offered encapsulated, ventilated or non-ventilated, 600 Volt class, isolation type, single and three phase, through 500 kVA. Indoor and outdoor models are available. They are designed and built in a vast range of configurations to meet requirements for variables, such as power, heat, voltage and environmental conditions.

Selecting the proper power quality solution for your application can be tricky. Experienced and dedicated sales representatives, along with award-winning online tools, help you make the right choice, every time. Representatives are available around the world for stock and support help.

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