VMECA is an ISO certified and a Flotronics-trusted manufacturer of air-driven vacuum pumps, suction cups, v-grips, pneumatic vacuum conveyor systems, and other accessories. VMECA’s large air-driven products provide excellent grip on products of various sizes, shapes, and materials.

VMECA is a brand associated with high-quality vacuum technology, improving productivity, safety and speed of evacuation, and energy saving. VMECA globally distributes their products, which are used for reliable suction in packaging, manufacturing, and other industrial settings.

EOAT Applications for the Automotive Industry

VMECA offers many products that thrive in the automotive industry.  Click on the following to see videos for the following end of arm tooling applications:

Vacuum Cups

Material handling with suction cups is very simple, reliable and cost effective. It is therefore a worthwhile solution to explore before considering more complicated handling techniques. Suction cups can lift and hold objects from a few grams up to several kg.

Why does a suction cup suck onto the surface it is placed on? It is quite simple and is all to do with atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure can generally be defined as the weight of the air above us on earth. When a lower pressure is created (vacuum) than atmospheric pressure (1 bar), forces are produced; these forces are required to enable suction cups to work. As a vacuum is drawn through the cup, the atmospheric pressure outside the cup is greater than that inside the cup, thus creating a holding force between the cup and the surface, the larger the cup and deeper the vacuum then the greater the holding force.

Vacuum Generators & Pumps

VMECA has a wide variety of vacuum pumps.  Here are a few series available from Flotronics Automation:

  • Eco Turtle Pump / Turtle Pump
  • Eco Keyboard Pump / Keyboard Pump
  • Micro Pump
  • Green Pump
  • Mini Pump
  • Magic Pump
  • PM Pump
  • VSMR / VSM Pump
  • Conveying Pump

Vacuum Grippers

Picking up objects with different shapes, sizes, and/or porous materials can be challenging. The V-Grip has been integrated with our highly efficient VMECA Vacuum Cartridge. Also, the flexible soft durable foam can grip even and uneven surface objects without a hassle. The V-Grip offers options such as an adjustable check valve where you are able to adjust it from off, low, medium, high, and max flow settings. The V-Grip has been designed with a lightweight aluminum body frame, has slots for easy installation, and requires very low maintenance.

  • Handles various products with different shapes, sizes, and porous material
  • Flexible sealing foam(EPDM) sponge pad to excellent grip
  • Adjustable check valve available
  • Durable and light-weight aluminum body frame
  • Easy installation and less maintenance

Vacuum Conveyors for Powder & Bulk

The Vacuum Conveyor utilizes the vacuum to pick up the material for transfer. This process is called a difference in pressure. This is where atmospheric air and the different air pressure tries to equalize itself which in turn creates suction. The same concept is used here when the air within the pipeline is evacuated creating a negative pressure (difference in pressure). This negative pressure has the strength to pull the solid particles through the pipeline and into the Vacuum Conveyor.

Magic Suction Cups

Vacuum applications come in a wide variety of ways. Many customers may struggle to find a suction cup that meets their needs. In order to solve this problem, VMECA developed the Magic Suction Cup.

VMECA Magic suction cup allows you to configure the suction cup that suits your needs. You can configure a suction cup you want with a variety of suction lips, bellows and materials to choose from. Choosing the right suction cup will increase your productivity but also reduce your costs.

There is no need to buy the entire suction cup when you need to replace it. The VMECA Magic Suction Cup has the benefit of allowing you to buy just the part you need from 6 components. This can save you money. We designed the Magic Suction Cup so that anyone can easily assemble and disassemble it quickly without any tools, so anyone can do it easily.

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